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Dr. Priti Deswal, H.E.S.-I


Time flies very fast. Today the fast pace of life and competitive world ahead forces the students to be more energetic and dynamic. I believe that educational institutions play a vital role in molding the student's future. Education is not only related to academics but it is the sum total of what an individual learns throughout his life. The key to success in the world lies in the hope that education is a continuous and ongoing process and does not end with obtaining high degrees. You need to be in touch with the world and society at large if you wish to survive. You all are born with a free will. Each one of you has the power and the privilege to decide for yourself which road of life you want to tread on. The final decision rests within the confines of your own mind whether you succeed or fail. Success ultimately depends on you, so believe in yourself and trudge along the walk of life. Always remember that if a person remains steady in his determination, he is sure to reach the goal. Let your highest aspiration organize your life.